Mahone Bay Centre: Building at the heart of the community
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First Steps early intervention


Evidences of achievements are everywhere. The loyal work of one paid, full time office manager, Carol Snyder, one part time custodian, Carol Pearse, and one part time bookkeeper, Jan Anthony, have assisted us greatly. Beyond their efforts, everything else has been happening through the volunteer energies and time of our board of directors, our committees, and so many others from among our tenants, members, and citizens of our community. All of which is a grand testimony to the Mahone Bay Centre as "building at the heart of community!" We are pleased, and we are grateful as we fulfill our mission. We are also always open to your new ideas and energies to improve. Your help is invited.

The various committee reports are available at the AGM and on our website. They give a testimony to some of the initiatives that have been undertaken. I will first report on the Executive Committee's responsibilities, and then add some to the other reports.

We have achieved greater independence from The Town of Mahone Bay through migrating our property deed, and through a compromising agreement to grant an easement to the town to have underground utility, and emergency vehicle rights through our property in exchange for release from parts of the development agreement. We are still dependent upon the town processes to grant tax receipts to MBC donors.

  • We collaborate with many town and chamber of commerce festival initiatives such as the Scarecrow, Father Christmas, and Mussel Festivals, providing space for storage and work projects. We also work with the Settlers Museum in their service and fundraising projects like the Paint Mahone Bay, and children's Christmas activities.
  • We sponsored the "Meet the Candidates" night before town elections in October.
  • We are participating in the current "sustainability" discussions of the town.
  • We have made informal approaches, including artists' renderings (Win Seaton) to the town to consider using MBC as an option for its expansion plans.
  • We have received a $500 gift from the town and also $500 from the Lions Club for our seniors' project.
  • We have met with the leaders of Lunenburg Municipality to explore areas of collaboration and potential financing.
  • We have had many meetings with regional ACOA and political representatives to achieve financial assistance and collaboration.
  • Local print media has given considerable favorable coverage to MBC.


Dave Nicholson, as chair of the committee, worked with Sidney Lang and Pat Joudrey to come up with a maximum slate of fifteen directors for next year.

New nominees are: Lokman Abdullah, Jon Allen, Georg Ernst, James Fox, Derwin Spencer, Kelly Wilson.

Re-offering directors are: Greg Muzzatti, Sidney Lang, Ted Hobson, Bryan Palfreyman, Brian Swinamer, Pat Joudrey, Win Seaton, Dave Nicholson, Paul Seltzer.

We gratefully acknowledge the service of retiring directors Zane Murdoch and Claude Gagne.

Following the directives and guidelines of our MBCS "Code of Conduct" Bob Douglas was removed from the MBCS Board of Directors and its committees.



  • Rental income provides the primary source of operating income for MBCA
  • Meeting of the board with tenants on March 3rd to meet, greet, and share ideas
  • We welcome new tenants; BACAF, Ann Benitz, South Shore Addictions Service, Inspire, and three artists to the recently divided Room 304, Win Seaton, Rita MacDonald, and Laurel Haslett
  • Occasional rentals increased to over $20,000 in 2008
  • The Old School Market (flea market) was tried with several arrangements, but finally closed for lack of interest
  • The Farmers Market was held on Friday mornings throughout the winter Rents owing have been a problem and need more timely resolution to avoid the distraint process
  • For marketing our available space, a rental brochure was developed by Win Seaton and distributed to career/business centers
  • Overall consideration of space use was given at different levels with options and plans being drawn.


NEEDS: Marketing, closer implementation of lease agreements


  • March 16-20 Work Week involved 54 volunteers, working 719 hours
  • A heating engineer was engaged to evaluate and draw plans for changes
  • Roofing of Building #1 was completed
  • A community garden was established
  • Baseboards and stretching bars were installed in the dance studio
  • Bannister was installed at attic steps
  • Motion sensor installed in washroom
  • Snow plowing, sanding and grass mowing were attended to
  • Cleaning and painting of Room 014 (seniors)
  • Plans for improvements to Room 014 and its rear entrance
  • Cleaning and reorganization of furnace room to meet fire code


Security system, completion of exterior painting, completion of room divisions, installation of windows in Building #1, gymnasium floor replaced, front doors, interior signage, completion of improvements to Room 014, completion of other ACOA projects.


  • Fund raising: The December appeal received $4545; Special events produced $1333 from "That Penis Thing"; $2100 from the "Mussel Hustle" to be directed to the exterior painting project


Securing charitable status for MBC, seeking a less cumbersome tax credit process through the town or municipality, more special events, seeking more grants for capital expenses, implementing the "Donor Recognition" program and focusing on both corporate and individual donors for capital improvements, an immediate appeal for donations toward completing the exterior painting.

- Paul Seltzer, Chair